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Why quality
In today`s mall-centered culture, you can rarely find high quality handmade shoes for sale anymore. Mass produced and factory made footwear is simply cheaper to produce and trendier to wear. However, there are a few very good reasons you should seriously consider foregoing the branded footwear and opt to purchase quality handmade footwear instead. 
Handmade footwear is more comfortable
Wearing a pair of handmade shoes is far kinder to your feet than wearing the chain store shoe offerings. This is partially due to the fact that handmade shoes are typically made with higher quality materials. Higher quality materials usually mean a more comfortable wearing experience. 

Handmade shoes typically cost more than mass produced footwear. However, the added comfort level is well worth the extra expense. 

Many people are thrilled to discover that wearing a pair of handmade shoes means that they no longer suffer from blisters, calluses, aching feet and a sore back like they do when they wear cheap shoes. 
Homemade footwear is customizable 
You can order a pair of quality, handmade shoes to suit your personality by choosing the style, color and sometimes even the design. 

Because the shoemaker measures your feet, you can feel secure in the fact that your new shoes will fit you perfectly. This is particularly good for individuals who wear irregular shoe sizes or who have feet in two different sizes. 
Handmade footwear is one-of-a-kind 
Because each handmade shoe is made individually and customized to your size and preferences, you know you are purchasing a unique product. No two pairs of handmade shoes are exactly the same. 

Although the differences in two similar pairs of shoes might be slight, you can have a certain sense of pride in knowing that you own a pair of shoes that help to express your uniqueness, personal style and individuality. 
Handmade footwear is more durable 
Because handmade footwear is individually created by a true craftsman, the shoes are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear. These custom made shoes usually feature high quality leather and other materials, carefully sewn seams and a quality finish. 

Because handmade shoes last far longer than their mass produced counterparts, this helps to balance out the initial extra cost of handmade shoes, as you won`t have to purchase a new pair nearly as often. 

Another benefit of wearing quality shoes is that you can usually take them in to a shoe repair professional if they need any type of repair or reconditioning. With professional repairing, one pair of high quality shoes can literally last you decades. 
Handmade footwear is an investment
There is an old saying that mentions you should be prepared to invest money in a great pair of shoes and a great mattress, because if you`re not in one, you`re in the other. Well, this old adage still rings true. 

Purchasing quality handmade footwear is actually investing in yourself. Would you rather purchase numerous pairs of cheap shoes that might cause you pain or health problems or one pair of handmade shoes that will fit you comfortably for years?

Buying handmade shoes might seem like a luxury, but people who do so quickly find it`s a necessity. Once you purchase handmade footwear, find stylish new clothing to match your new shoes at reputable online shops such as  http://www.couturecandy.com/bleulab/all/shop-designer.html ..

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