Simms has teamed with Vibram® to give you easy to clean, great-gripping rubber compound treads on our wading boots and river footwear. The exclusive Simms sole uses the Vibram® patented 360 lug that provides traction in all directions and is easy to clean. We can resole all Simms shoes and sandals featuring Vibram® non-marking soles.

Any brand boot can be converted to the Simms Stream Tread rubber fullsoles.

We offer resoling with the Simms Stream Tread rubber fullsoles, whether you currently have felt soles or rubber.
 Prices depend on style of wader. Our normal turnaround for internet repairs is one to two weeks depending on service load.  If there is time urgency on the repair please give us a call and we will work with you.

Wading boots:       $75.00 per pair including soles         Felt + $5.00
Boot on waders:    $95.00  per pair including soles        Felt + $5.00

                              plus $10.00 for boots, $15.00 for chest, flat rate 48 states (Alaska + $5.00) return shipping, then if it is more we'll pick up the difference.

From the west coast I would suggest USPS priority mail.

From the Midwest or East coast USPS priority is faster than UPS but does cost a little more.

For online orders using Visa or MasterCard:  email repair details to:                                                                         We will email back an electronic invoice to pay from   

For checks:    Wader repair work request form:

 Mailing label link:         ../SIB/files/dans mailing label.pdf

For questions regarding repairs you may call us at:                               


or just Ship to:
                          Dan's shoe repair ~ Boots & Shoes

                                   27 s 2nd Street
                                   Ashland, OR 97520

All StreamTread™ soles can accept Simms HardBite™ Studs & Star Cleats and Simms AlumiBite™ Cleats made specifically for rubber soles. There is no right or wrong placement of the Studs & Star Cleats and they may be used in any combination to best meet the needs for the user. The combination of the removable studs/cleats and the StreamTread™ sole offers superior traction.

Simms HardBite™ Studs & Star Cleats and Simms AlumiBite™ Cleats are available from your local Simms dealer and may be applied by the consumer.  If you need help finding them, give us a call.